Brat the Cat

This was a very special Fuzzy Bucket for me to create. Robin, who is a very dear relative of mine, had me design this cat for her daughter Amanda's birthday. Amanda, who is all grown up now, drew this piece of art when she was 12 years old. Robin is a phenomenal writer and has written several stories about the adventures of Brat the Cat. I absolutely love how the tail with all the bows turned out :)

Cute littel redheads

Jessica had one these cute little guys made for herself and one for her mother-in-law. Jessica'shusband Scott did this drawing when he was approximately 6. She wanted the "I love you mom" blurp incorporated so I added it on the shirt.

Skittles the dog

This cute little dog was drawn by Jade (11). She loves to draw dogs! Jade's older sister Taya wanted to thank her sister for always sending beautiful pictures, by having this Fuzzy Bucket done for Jade. I heard that he was happily welcomed and lovingly named Skittles :)


Choopie is the logo and name of the Choopie Company. A online retailer that sells innovative and stylish baby gear. Very cute stuff!

Pink Unicorn

I do not know much about the recipient or who drew the picture. It took me a while to get the pattern right, but all the work paid off. I think she is a beauty.

Satori the Golden Doodle

Satori was a golden doodle and according to her owner Naomi the sweetest, gentlest dog. She also must have had the most "beautiful chocolate soulful eyes". Naomi even took her dog to work. Unfortunately Satori passed away in a tragic accident.

I really tried hard to recreate these soulful eyes and her sweet personality. By tilting Fuzzy Bucket Satori's head she gets to look a bit more "life like". I think she turned out rather beautiful :)

Baby Hailey

This little gem was commissioned by Courtney as a Christmas gift for husband. Their daughter Hailey is the apple of their eyes. Totally understand! I looove babies and Hailey sure is a very cute one! According to her mother  "Haily is the sweetest, happiest, most lovable baby. She is always happy and smiling..."

It was a first for me to actually turn a real live person into a doll. She did turn out rather round and with all the rolls a little baby should have. Especially the accessories were very fun to make. To create the hair was quite a process, because I hand stitched every strand. But it was so worth it :)


This is adorable and wooly caterpillar is Wendell. He may seem cute and cuddly, but he apparently has a devious and mischievous side. The creator of Wendell is Ethan Keister, an up and coming artist/cartoonist. Wendell is his widely known cartoon. More information about him can be found here.

Twin Girls

No, you are not seeing double. This was a very special request to create two Fuzzy Buckets for sisters, who sadly lost their mother last year. It was very sudden and she was still very young. Their mother must have had a wonderful a sense of humor and would doodle these stick figures of herself. Both sisters thought it would be a wonderful way to remember their mother by having one of her doodle sketches recreated. The doll is rather funny, because initially I thought that the two balls on the shoulders are ginormous shoulder-pats. No, they are boobs! The purple dress represents their mothers birthstone - purple for amethyst. And the butterflies are yellow- her favorite color.

It was truly an honor to create these two girls.

"Everything you can imagine is Real", Pablo Picasso