Why are Fuzzy Buckets so expensive?
All of my creations are custom designed by YOU! This means that I create each Fuzzy Bucket completely from scratch. I have to develop new templates, choose the perfect materials, and employ techniques that are unique to the drawing…every time. This requires time and skill that is reflected in the price of the product.

How big will my Fuzzy Bucket soft toy be?
Size varies – usually between 10 to 20 inches long. If you would like a specific size please let me know.

Will my Fuzzy Bucket look exactly like the drawing?
That’s up to YOU! I can make your stuffed toy exactly the same as the drawing or I can make it a little different. If your child would like a different color (for example – if they want the fur to be pink instead of blue) or if you would like it made a little differently (four legs instead of five) just let me know! Since each Fuzzy Bucket is a custom design, you have as much input as you would like!

How do I clean my Fuzzy Bucket?
If your Fuzzy Bucket soft toy gets a little dirty it’s best to spot clean it and set it out to air dry.

What is my Fuzzy Bucket made of?
I use high quality fabrics such as Minky and Cuddle. The names say it all- they are super soft. My dolls bodies are made of  100% cotton interlock which is imported from the Netherlands from the company DeWitte Engel. It is thick, durable and designed especially for doll makers. I also use flannels, fleece, imitation fur, corduroy, felt, knits, printed cotton, and a multitude of other fabrics. Fabrics are all washed. Filling is 100% hypoallergenic polyester.  For some of the dolls I also use sheep wool as stuffing and to "shape" the face.

Why the name “Fuzzy Buckets”?
When I was thinking about a name, I knew that I wanted something fun, because what I do is fun! My dog, who is lovingly named Fuzz Bucket by my kids, is the inspiration.